Best Free Blogging Platforms

In this digital platform, blogging is an amazing task that can be done by every person who has an interest in it. A blog is a discussion or any informational website that is published on the worldwide web. The blog is also an online version of news journal or article which contains various information such as recent trends, news, reviews etc, it contains various demographic and info-graphic representation for more knowledge for the audiences or readers. For people who want to start blogging as a career or want to take it as a hobby they might wonder what are the blogging platforms they can use and how much does it cost. As a solution, we have come up with best blogging platforms free if anyone wants to start blogging as a hobby or career in future. Check out our best picks below:


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WordPress is a free as well as a paid blogging platform that is used to set up a basic website where you can add your blogs as per your wish. WordPress was created to enhance the open-source usability among its users to create a free website and blog. This platform is popular among its users because of its simple user interface along with its usage and management. The basic word press for creating a website and publishing blogs are free of cost but it has a paid version as well where you can get a custom domain and many other professional features as well.

  • Medium:

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Medium is a free online publishing platform that is created and founded by Evan Williams who was former CEO of Twitter as well. Medium is one of the most popular best blogging platforms free you can try out now, it is also fastest growing blogging platform due to its easier interface for writers and also you can keep various categories as per your choice and publish posts as per tags. You can run blogs for free with limited features.

  • Blogger:

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Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms that is presented by google since 2003 and continuing until now. Blogger is a free blogging tool where you can sign in with your Gmail account and create a free blog with any name you choose, the best part of this platform is that you can create multiple blog sites and publish blog posts simultaneously in the same account you have created.

The above mentioned were the best blogging platforms free you can use if you are looking to start blogging of your own and share your views among others. Hope you liked the article we have shared and wish to see you soon again. Thank you for being with us.