Undoubtedly, gaming can take you on an epic adventurous roller-coaster ride, forge life long friendships and offers opportunities for creativity and fun time every time you play. Although, it is essential to be aware of all the safety tools and setting available when playing online.
We strongly believe that gaming should be inclusive of all, accessible to be all and safe to all. Overall, a way to pursue the mission is to empower the community of the players.

Digital gamer guide: 10 tips to help new online players - TechRepublic

However, the joy of playing digital games is known to one and all who engage in the activities on regular basis but those with less gaming experience. Specifically with less online gaming experience, maybe a bit confused and intimidated by the prospect. To be certain, online gaming has an reputation of being slightly rough and tough on the newbies but not to worry, we are here to guide all the newbies out there including you, if you are one of them.

Listed below are the 3 tips to help new online players.

Prepare yourself

Irrespective of what game you choose to play, there’s no greater mistake that straight away jumping online without knowing what the game is all about. With the online communities for most of the online games, it is a great resource to learn the basic story, the basic play and the technical problems to be avoided. Before you begin to play, check out the associated websites, read about it over the forums, learn about the game over YouTube for better understanding.

Do not over spend or over play

Many online games features “free to play” tag which gets newbies attention. Once you download the game, you will realise that for better gaming experience in terms of speed and fights, you will need better weapons and things like that and in order to earn those, you will either have to play for long hours and reach at a certain game point or earn it by paying a few real dollars. I would suggest you to instead of focusing on doing better, enjoy the game.

Use Provided gaming controls

Just like the real world, the online gaming world also offers a small, noticeable application for jerks. However, for a hassle free game, most online games provide you a set of gaming controls tools for blocking and reporting the behaviors while naming the individual responsible for the same. Reporting of these jerks will be your duty to the gaming community.

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