If you are here, reading this post then I assume you are an aspiring digital marketer looking for ways to improve your skills and knowledge. Well, you have come to the right place then. Listed below are the best digital marketing apps. Have a look;

Facebook Ads Manager

For those out of office, Facebook Ads manager could be of a great help. By downloading this app, you can keep your facebook campaign whilist on top. Though the app doesn’t really offer options for the pc version like Google Apps but it does offer unique specifications which helps Facebook Manager Ads stand out amongst its competitors. The app offers numerous features which includes creating an ad using a picture from your mobile phone. The push notifications will always keep you updated- informing you about when your ads will be expiring, how will they be performing and when the campaign is nearing the end of the budget and a lot more. The app is extremely user-friendly to use where in you wouldn’t be spending hours together for understanding the working of it.


View and manage scheduled posts using Planner – Hootsuite Help Center

Hootsuite is one of the best scheduling apps when it comes to managing  social media platform made available for both ios and android platforms. You can always keep yourself free to post on social media platforms. Also, with posting time being a crucial factor you cannot guarantee to post on the peak times. But with Hootsuite, you will no more have to worry about posting. It is a scheduling app where you can schedule your posts for days, weeks and months. Besides being one of the best scheduling apps, Hootsuite will also help you monitor your messages and mentions while tracking the popularity of your links. Overall, with this app installed on your phone you will never miss an opportunity in sharing information with your customers.


As the name suggests, the app is completely based tracking the accounts mentioning your business. To grow, it is important to know what people are talking about your business, it is important to collect the reviews and Mention app will help you do the same. The app will be monitoring you’re the social media platforms and websites and would alert you for each of your business mentions. Mention is a premium app but you will surely enjoy the benefits offered by the app. However, to begin with, you can opt for “try before you buy”, a free trial to discover the features and working of the app.


Teamwork is one of the most popular collaboration and project management software available on the market today. The app offers a lot more features when compared to same niche apps like Trello and Asana and some of its excellent features include time tracking and Gantt Charts. However, it might take a bit more time to understand the working of the features but its surely worth your time.

And here the list of some of the best digital marketing apps comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you. Do share your views about the same.

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