Aspiring blogger? If you are here reading this post, then I assume that you are all set to launch your blogging career and are in search of various information to planning to your own blog. With over hundreds of blogging platform made available, confused between which is the most suitable one for? Can’t figure out on how to choose the best blogging platform? Well, it is surely a complex task as each platform as something unique to offer. But not to worry, we are here to guide you. In this article we will be discussing about the best of the best blogging platform that could help you get better results. So, you will have to pick the best out of the best to have a successful blogging experience and to help you out in this.

8 Best Blogging Platforms To Consider (2020 Edition)

Following are the best blogging platforms, have a look below; is currently one of the most promising blogging software available in the market. This platform gives you complete control over every facet of the website and manage it with an ease. To work on it, you will not require any previous technical experience as it is extremely user-friendly to understand. Grow your blog easily now using and also, you can add on extra features such as online store, forums and paid membership making WordPress the best blogging platform to earn money. Being search engine friendly, creating SEO friendly URL’s, tags and categories for the post is easier and faster here.


Blogger, is one of the oldest blogging platforms launched in 1999 and later acquired by Google and is managing to give a tough task to all the new gen platforms because of its advanced features and fast updates. To use blogger, all you will have to do is sign up for a google account. Blogger is free to use which means you can cut down on your expense; it can be easily used and managed has it requires to technical skills to work on it which makes Blogger, a completely beginner friendly platform to choose.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform for social networking which is slightly different when compared to the various other blogging platforms available. The features of Tumblr include following other blogs, in built sharing tools, re-blogging and so on. Integrated to be a social media component, it is also easier to blog videos, images and audios. Overall, Tumblr is easy to set and easier to use.


Being a minimalist blogging platform, Ghost is equipped with features that are completely focused on writing the blog posts. No requirement of set up for the hosted version, Ghost is pretty much impressive because of its clean and intuitive user interface.

And here the list ends, the above listed has been picked as the best blogging platforms for every right reason. opt any, for a great blogging experience. Hope, this article has been informative to you. Do share your reviews for the same.

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