There are many games which are available to the android users. This article would make it easy for you to choose out of them and which would be the best source of entertainment for you. There are the finest racers, puzzlers, adventure games, arcade titles and many more. Thousands of games are available on Google play store. Some games might need you to do the app purchase by spending some amount of dollars.

Path to Mnemosyne has become one of the finest games played on android phones. These puzzles have gained a lot of attention now. The voice over is considered to be a bit weak but the visuals are breath-taking and amazing. There are various imaginative challenge which you will follow in the game and is very entertaining.

Table top racing world tour is the most amazing high speed racing game available which will let you guide tiny cars and the races are extremely competitive. It will improve your skills and will let you earn enough points which will help you buying swanky cars. It is absolutely simple and lets you control. It is complete breathe of fresh air and also lets you show your skills on track.

Final freeway is a retro racing game and you will belt along in a red car and hit a fork and allows you to choose your direction and route map. There is cheesy music in the game which will blare out of your speakers. This game is surely entertaining and also gives you a feel of gaming in heaven. It is full of breezy attitude, colourful visuals and insane speed.

When you are all set to take on some amazing games, search more about the entertaining and skill strengthening games. It will also make you sharp and alert in real life too.