Now cleaning tasks will be no more a headache for you. Your house will be dust free, pet hair free and stain free and you do not have to do it. Yes! You heard it right. This is not a dream anymore. With the advancement of technology, now cleaning house is easy too with robot vacuum cleaner india. These mini robots are capable of sucking dust and pet hair and can even remove the stains from the floor. It does not work only in the straight direction, any direction it can move in. For the detailed specifications, let us check out the best robot vacuum cleaner india.


1. iRobot Roomba 980:

This robot vacuum cleaner is known as the king of all robot vacuums. With the help of environment mapping, it can easily detect every corner of your house to clean it. It has 35.05cm diameter which is quite wider than the head of our normal vacuum cleaner. Roomba has a thin design and circular body so it can go anywhere in the house. It works really well on the hard surfaces like tiles, floor beds, etc. However, while being on the carpet, the motor is rolled up to pull the dirt from every fibre of the carpet. This is really an impressive product. It has two hours of battery life and smart navigation techniques which makes it worth every penny.


2. Neato Botvac D7 connected:

This robot vacuum cleaner india has a rivalry with Roomba 980 and the reason is obvious as it has a stylish design and also a great performer. While using it for cleaning purposes, you can use it anywhere even in the conjustred places, where usually it is difficult to use the vacuum cleaners. But this robot is smart enough to clean every place in the house and also you can draw a line using an app to restrict the entry of this robot in that area where you don’t want it to go. The only disadvantage is that the it is having a small bin which is almost full everytime.


3. Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic vacuum cleaner:

Lookwise this robot cannot gain many marks but in terms of working it is a good product. You will get several modes to choose for cleaning with Deebot N79S and it comes with a responsive remote. It can be paired with the smartphone to be controlled. It has a high sensing ability to sneak under furniture very well. It is highly compatible with Alexa and can recognize your voice.

So these are some cool robot vacuum cleaner india which you can try for your home to be cleaned.