There are many comedians outside who are struggling to find the right platform to get their talent noticed. Usually they perform in clubs or clubs to make the people laugh before they perform in front of some big audience. They need to struggle a lot to get a break through. However, now online platforms are very helpful to recognise someone.s talent and one of such platforms is YouTube, all you need is funny videos idea to make yourself famous. Let us check some ideas to use for the YouTube channel.

  1. Do a skit:

YouTube is the best platform to showcase your funny side. You can do a five to ten minutes skit as people are not much patient to watch a half an hour long video. The video should be compact and capable of binding the audience to get the more subscribers. You need to use your humor skills to make it more funny and effective which can make you famous in very less time.

  1. Start a funny series:

You can start a funny series by creating some episodes. You should have some good funny videos idea and start shooting. Do not think about budget as if the idea is good then you can play multiple characters by yourself. The main example of these kinds of videos is Bhuvam bam starer Bibi ki vines which got so famous in which all roles are played by Bhuvan Bam itself.

  1. Baby, kids and animal videos:

If you post daily content of some funny videos then you will be noticed easily. People love to watch funny videos related to babies, dogs, cats, other animals, etc which entertain them at the end of the day after a hectic schedule. It will also help you in getting more subscribers. One thing you need to consider that the content should be original to be effective and not copy pasted.

  1. Parody video:

Parody videos means in which the person imitated the style of the artist to convert it into a comedy video. These days it is in trend. This is the best way to make the people laugh. There are many options available for the parody videos like movies, songs, TV shows, etc. Parody videos give you a chance to showcase your talent that you have funny skills to entertain people.

To make people laugh is a great thing in life as people are so busy in their lives that they have no time to laugh and to make someone laugh is really a tough job. You need to be a great artist for that along with funny videos idea.