13 Jun 2021

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Apple smart watch series 

Yeah, you got that right, it is official now Apple watch 6 series that you will wanting to buy. This smart watch was release date on 15 September for this latest apple watch 6. Apple has now launched this amazing device with separate bold and…

Digital Marketing

How to do effective digital marketing? 

The main benefit of taking some help of the digital marketing is that our work can be done faster and more efficiently. The outputs and results that are delivered at the end are improvised and also the business can generate a greater number of leads…


How Has COVID Affected Showbiz? 

The outbreak of the pandemic corona virus has thoroughly impacted one and all at wide spread. Be it for the mango lovers or for you favourite Bollywood superstars, each one of us dealing with the problem equally. From film shoots to photoshoots have been postponed…