The very recently discovered virus known as coronavirus has shaken the world and people are trying their level best in order to protect themselves and the world from the disease and its harmful effects. The healthcare officials have been working day and night for the protection and healing of the diseased patients. This is extremely contagious and it can be prevented only by socially distancing and isolating yourselves.

There is no specific age group who are the only victims of COVID-19. This virus can infect even a newly born baby, an infant, a child and even adults. It is very necessary to take care of yourself during this bad time of pandemic and also follow the given instructions and order from the officials.

The older adults who have severe medical conditions like some heart diseases or lung disease and even diabetic patients are at a higher risk for developing this deadly infection. For protecting yourself from this, you should know how it spreads.

Since there is no vaccine invented to prevent coronavirus, the best way for prevention is to avoid yourself being exposed to this virus. It spreads mainly from person to person. If you are in close contact with some person, it should be soon avoided. The respiratory droplets of a person sneezing or coughing is the main reason of coming in contact with this virus.

The symptoms of this disease starts showing in your body after 14 days. In order to avoid this disease, we should often clean our hands, most likely with some hand wash or sanitizer. It should be done at least for 20 seconds. Try using the sanitizer which has 60% of alcohol. Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth with your unwashed hands.

Covering your nose and mouth with some mask or scarf is one best option in order to protect yourself from this deadly virus. It is a bad time for the entire world and we will together fight it out and secure ourselves.