There is nothing as important and as significant as earth. If there is no earth that means there is no existence. There have been news headlines which are dominated by the news like the damages which we are causing to earth and why it needs to be stopped. Moreover the global activists have been constantly trying to draw our attention towards conserving the earth and to protect and treat it gently.

Our needs and demands have escalated so much that in the process of creating extraordinary things for us, we almost forget that we are emitting so many harmful gases which can affect the purity of earth. We have become so insensitive while serving our own needs and not caring for the planet where we live and survive.

The nature has been degrading due to the emission of all harmful gases and chemicals. The rivers and oceans are now polluted with all kinds of wastes and drainages have been blocked with unwanted matters.

United Nations Environment Programmes have been taking utmost care of our earth by setting some limitations and rules which can indirectly protect the planet. Nature has hit back whenever we had tried to harm the earth. The paybacks have been in the form of droughts, floods, massive cyclones and various kinds of pandemic diseases which are harmful to humans.

Earth day 2020 has been a big reason for celebrating our earth because it is half century anniversary. And this year the climate action was been selected as the main theme. The officials and global activists have joined their hands together in order to save the planet and build back better.