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Support is available via tickets

All Hosting plans are available in Good value

Hosting plans are available for Linus only.

Provides ah vast Knowledgebase via wiki


KnowHost is a comparatively new web hosting provider in comparison to the giants such as HostGator, BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc. They specialize in Linux-based web hosting, such as shared WordPress, Dedicated, and Managed hostings. One of the most significant benefits of KnownHost is that all the plans provided by them come with cPanel and other features such as Free SSL certificates, etc. Other benefits, along with that, are their hosting plans begin at very cheap rates. 

Hosting Plans- 

Shared Hosting:

The shared hosting comprises three Basic plans, Standard and Professional, and all these plans are available at $3.47, $6.47 & $9.97 per month, respectively. They come with quite a lot of features such as domains, cloud storage, email accounts, unlimited premium bandwidth, free SSL certificates, etc.

VPS Hosting:

The VPS hosting is also divided into four parts which are Basic VPS server, Standard VPS server, Professional VPS server, and Premium VPS server. All these plans are available at $28.00, $49.00, $63.00 & $80.50 per month respectively. It comes with features such as CPU Processors, Guaranteed RAM, Premium Bandwidth, IP Addresses, etc. 

Reseller Hosting:

There is four Reseller hosting plans, and those are Basic Reseller Hosting, Standard Reseller Hosting, Professional Reseller Hosting, Premium Reseller Hosting. All these plans are available at $6.97, $9.97, $14.97 & $27.47 per month respectively. Reseller Hosting comes with features such as CPU processor, Guaranteed RAM, Could Storage, premium bandwidth, etc. 

Cloud Hosting:

There are two types of Cloud hosting available with KnownHost and those are Managed KVM Cloud and Unmanaged Cloud. The first one as three sub plans in it and those are Cloud-1, Cloud-2 & Cloud-3 and they are available at $50.40, $63.00 & $94.50 per month, respectively. The second one also has three plans in it, which are UC 2GB, UC 4GB & UC 8GB and these are priced at $9.99, $19.99 & $35.99 per month respectively.  


Data Centres:

KnownHost has around four raid-10 solid-state drive datacentres in the USA and Europe and these centers are monitored 24/7 by onsite security multiple internet connections, & redundant power supplies etc. These are all hosting facilities that can be compared to enterprises. They even provide the users with test downloads and the customer can decide which data center he wants to choose. 

EPA Green Power Technology:

The technology used by them is eco-friendly and doesn’t seem to leave that much of carbon footprint. In comparison to most web hosts don’t have green power technology and in turn it creates/leaves a lot of carbon footprint. Apart from them, GreenGeeks is one such web host that uses such kind of technology. 


Your Data with KnownHost is very secure as all their accounts are monitored by experts. Even their Data centres have top-notch security personals, who follow them 24/7. All four data centres are maintained by experts, so you can be very assured that your data is in safe hands. 

Customer Support:

We have an extensive knowledge base for their customers and a library of valuable manuals and applications that can be downloaded very quickly. These guides are very nicely arranged wiki guides and the KnowHost blog is also another resource. 

They also have the option of Live Chat but this is only used for pre-sales. Now you can contact the support staff at any time of the day, but the only problem is that you can reach them via email or through the ticket system.


KnownHost offers very low-priced web hosting services. Compared with most web hosting services the price is meager. And they do have a range of discount deals on a number of their plans. They also have monthly plans along with annual plans not available to most web hosting providers. 

The shared hosting plan starts from $3.47and goes up to $9.97. Besides that, the VPS Hosting start from $28.00 and ends at $80.50 per month and along with that the reseller hosting starts from $6.97 and end at $27.47 per month. They also have cloud hosting which is surprisingly low.

Shared Vs. WordPress Hosting:

There significant difference between both these types is that they feature. The shared hosting comes with a bunch of features and in-comparison to that the features of WordPress hosting are very less. On the other hand, the features of the WordPress hosting plans are very robust in comparison to the shared hosting plans. 

The prices are different as well, the amount of the essential WordPress plan is $5.98 and the best idea would cost you $9.98 per month, On the other hand the shared hosting plans starts at $3.47 and end at $9.97 per month. Though there is a price difference the WordPress sites would provide you with better value for money as the WordPress sites can handle 100k – 200k visitors every month with ease.  


KnownHost is a great option for those who are starting out and alongside that, professionals can also choose this web host. Though there are still some issues with the customer support of this is a great web host. Most of their plans are cheap and comes with a bunch of features that would cost you a ton of money. 

There are quite a lot of other benefits of choosing this web host. Just start using it and if you don’t like their services, there is always the money-back guarantee option.