Fitness trackers or smartwatches have gained so popularity worldwide that many companies are now producing this product. A fitness tracker or smart band is not just a smartwatch to count the steps. It has many other important features like heart rate, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress level, deep sleep duration, burning of calories, water reminder, etc. Today we are going to discuss the different fitness watches of Samsung to know more about them. Let us check out which samsung fitness watch you would like.

  1. Samsung galaxy watch active 2:

This smartwatch from Samsung is the latest one and built with all the important features you need. It has a beautiful curved glass with AMOLED display and a sleek design which makes it trendy. It has a good quality build. This smartwatch has a touch display which has a fast response time. It is packed with all cool features like GPS, heart rate count, sleep tracker, etc. It keeps you notified about every parameter. 

  1. Samsung galaxy watch active:

This is the best watch in case you liked Samsung galaxy watch active 2 but do not want all the new features and want to save some money. This watch is the ambler version of the watch active 2 and works on the Tizen operating system. It has 11 inch AMOLED screen and 230mAh battery which can last up to 2 days if you download apps continuously from Galaxy app store. If you are using a Galaxy S10 or S20 then you can charge this watch wirelessly through the back of the handset.

  1. Samsung galaxy watch:

This samsung fitness watch from the galaxy is best in terms of all the features like counting steps, calorie burn, sleep duration, measuring vitals during workout, etc. It has two size variants 46mm and 42mm. In Spite of their size differences both the variants have 300×300 resolution displays. In terms of battery cells, the bigger one is 472mAh which can last upto 7 days and the smaller one is 270mAh which can last upto 4 days. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy fit:

We can call it the successor of Gear Fit 2. It has completely different features and has a curved display with smart features. You are able to receive the notifications on this band and you can also reply with the pre written messages. This band is typically meant for fitness purposes equipped with all the essential features.

So here we discussed the samsung fitness watch which has different models for the customers.