Do you really know about Digital Marketing? Well, most people think that they know about digital marketing but actually, they have a very vague idea about this and all its types.  There quite a few types of digital marketing and if you don’t know about those, then here is a list that will tell you about pretty much all the types of digital marketing. So, just check the list provided below.

Types of Digital Marketing:


SEO is the most popular type of digital marketing that we know about. So what is it? Well, SEO is a technique that one uses to make themselves visible in organic search results. This is different for every user as they search for different kinds of keyword and based on that the search engine provides them with the results. So basically, what one does is use various black hat and white hat techniques to make their respective websites rank high in the search results and get more traffic.


SMM is social media marketing and we are all quite aware of what social media are. So, social media can provide you with a lot of exposure and if you can post good content then your reach extends as well. So, everything that you do in getting more exposure on social media is termed as Social Media Marketing or SMM. So, if you are nor getting much exposure on social media then what you can do is pay attention to what everyone is talking about on these platforms and then act accordingly.

Influencer Marketing:

You might have come across the term Social Media Influencer, if not this then you might have come across people on Instagram or Snapchat, who promote certain products. So, these people are contacted by certain companies who ask them to promote their products and in return, they get paid. But how does this help companies? Well, as these people have quite a lot of followers on these platforms, the people following them would certainly purchase what they are promoting and thus increasing the sales and profits of the companies.

Mobile Phone Advertising:

Well, this is a kind of digital marketing as well but most people are quite unaware of it. So what happens here is that advertising ae done through SMS services. You can provide your consumers with promo codes, updates, etc, about the company and thus along the way boost your sales.

Here mentioned are some of the types of Digita marketing but along with these there quite a few other types of digital marketing as well. We hope that the provides information has been of help to you.