If you are here reading this post, then I assuming that you are surfing the web to learn more about animations. Well, if so, then you have come to the right place. In this article we will be discussing some of the most popular animation software that are great to rely upon.

Listed below are the 3 best animation software’s.

Adobe Character Animator

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The Adobe family is quite huge, you name the software and its here. Just like Adope Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Character Animator is now winning the hearts of people massively with its advanced yet easy to learn features, you simply plug in your cam and mic. It is the recent addition in the Adobe family. Using this tool, it is much more easier than ever before to animate cartoon characters easily in real-time. Some of its amazing features include automatic lipsync and animating of facial features such as eyes, mouth, eyebrows and also detects your voice for the use. You can make the character walk, carry objects, make gestures and such other activities by using the pre-defined triggers and functions. Adobe Creator is budget friendly and to ensure that it’s the right one for you, you can take a free trial for 7-days to explore.

Cartoon Animator 4

For those not aware of Cartoon Animator 4, it was earlier known as the CrazyTalk Animator which was immensely popular amongst the beginners and is also preferred by experts as it is great for both, the beginners as well as the professionals wanting to create a high-quality animation for engagement. The software is equipped with numerous exciting tools and one of which is the bone rigging tool, it supports facial detection, lip-syncing and various other top-notch features depending on the edition being used. Overall, you will have a complete control over your 2D characters. Animation Creator 4D offers a 30 days free trail period for you to discover the features of it.

DigiCel FlipBook

As a beginner DigiCel FlipBook is surely one of the best ones to pick as it is titled to be one of the easiest 2D Animation software available in the market today. It lets you build traditional frame by frame animations which is pretty much impressive. To make things easier, you can directly draw onto the software or scan your drawings, you can choose either of it depending upon your preferences. Also, it is best for creating a stop motion animation.

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