Android has become one of the most common technologies out there thanks to the availability of hundreds of thousands of free content. One such app is the sports app. The Sports app gives you the chance to keep up-to-date with latest sports events and headlines while you’re on the move. With Android sports applications, you can do a lots of activities, such as streaming live action, viewing live results, and updating yourself on latest headlines. Here are the 3 best sports apps free for latest news that you can choose to install in your phones to stay updated on all the latest information.

ESPN – ESPN is one of the most common sports applications out there, and if you’re a sports fan, ESPN is a must-have sports app on your computer. It gives consumers the latest information about sports in the sporting community. This provides live updates, news breaks, and expert coverage of matches and incidents. One nice thing about the ESPN sports app is that you can pick whichever area or game you want to update. ESPN Sports App is a free app, but it has a premium edition where you need to sign up. The pain edition contains features such as live streaming of videos and mobile games on your computer.

CBS Sports – CBS Sports App operates much like ESPN and keeps you up-to-date on plays, live scores, competitions, analysis, entertainment, and news. The user will also pick the type of game that they would like to see in these notifications and events. Users will now watch on-demand video previews, expert coverage of games and activities. The CBS Sports App will provide consumers with access to the CBS Sports Radio for live coverage and the High-Definition Channel with the highest content quality for live streaming.

FIFA Official App – The FIFA Official App keeps all users updated of activities, including events and live results, in the world of football around the globe. Planned to be one of the most popular apps on the list, FIFA is perfect for soccer fans. With the FIFA app, you can watch news, exclusive content, interviews, and competitive gaming reviews, balanced coverage of FIFA games like the World Cup, the AFCON, the Popular Wealth Games, and more.

These are few of the best sports apps free that you can install in your android phones to keep updated on all latest information.

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