Instagram has over one billion monthly active users, lesser competition and higher engagement of audience than any other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. And this brings in opportunity for businesses to market their products or services widely, to a greater number of targeted audience and prospective audiences without spending a massive amount of money on paid advertising. Since, Instagram’s API permits users to publish videos or photos to an Instagram Business Profile using a third-party platform, this makes easier for brands to make the most of all the offers followed up on Instagram. To guide you to do better on Instagram, in this article we will be discussing 4 tips on how to use Instagram for business.

Show what you do in a creative way

Your focus should be on providing solutions instead of selling your product/service directly. It is essential that your content adds value to the customer. For instance, if your business is providing services then focus on showcasing the process behind the service. Talk about your company culture, your mission and vision and keep sharing certain hacks and tips.

Use relevant hashtags

5 Hashtag Hacks that Boost Content Marketing

Hashtag plays a vital role on Instagram has it enables you to organize and categorize images and video content better in order to find content easier. In simple words, if you want be discovered by your audience then it is very much important to make use of hashtags. But do not over do it, avoid using overused and so don’t spam. Ensure that hashtags are relevant to the image.

Create Beautiful Visuals

The quality of the content matters the most for social media marketing as it makes the brand engaging. It is best to make your content look appealing and in order to do so, based upon your niche, find out a theme for your Instagram profile and stick to it. To keep the followers happy, post user generated content, sneak peaks of behind the scenes, inspirational quotes, hold contests and giveaways.

Add Calls to action

Calls to action guides user about what you want them to do next. Whether to download the content, visit your website or any such activity, a clear Call to Action is a must.

To conclude, the above listed are some of the most efficient Instagram business tips.

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