If you are a stock junkie then article is perfect for you. Staying up to date on all the newest information related to stock and trade is quite important. Stock are very uncertain in nature so to keep a track on them all the time you can use best apps for news that are personalized for stock news itself, here is the list below.

7 Best Stock Market Apps that makes Stock Research 10x Easier

5 Best stock news app for latest update


JStock is a very popular and well-known app that can give you all the latest stock market news, dividend chart, zoomable history chart and many more. It also gives background alerts on stock, also you use this amazing app on windows, MAC, Linus and more. They have a free version and a premium version too for which you can enjoy the free trial for 14 days.

Thinkorswim Mobile

Thinkorswim Mobile another amazing stock apps that you can use to stay updated on the latest stock on many different platforms like desktop and mobile phones. Here, you can optimize charts and customize accordingly which will also help you analyze trade strategies and techniques which can be used for free.


Investing.com is also one of the best stock news app which can be used on android’s phones and others. Here you can stay updated on all the modern news plus all the global breaking news too. you can also get information on forecasting trend and also has a currency converter for better optimization which is available for free.

Stock Quote

Stock Quote is another excellent and a well-known app that you can use to stay updated on all the latest update where you can keep track on all the necessary update related to trades, currencies, shares and stocks and many more. Here, you can also compare stocks and indices too. You can use this app in all the major platforms for free.

My Stock Portfolio

My Stock Portfolio is also one of the best apps that you can choose where you can stay updated on all the latest news related to stock and the stock market. You can get your personalized stock charts, you can set price alerts, manage your portfolios and many more which is available for free and also go for a premium version for advanced features.

These are the 5 best stock news app where you can all the newest info related to stock and charts.

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