Google has finally created a market capitalization of more than $530 billion. No need to mention, Google is the most prominent web server of all time. There is no as powerful and as exciting as Google. The features that this web server possess, are unique and something which all the internet users require. Since the time of its invention, Google has always stood first among all. The email which you can register using Google is Gmail. It is one of the most used web servers in the history of internet technology.

Google is now the unit of its parent company Alphabet Inc. Google has always been a topper. The performance delivered by Google has been revolutionary and real. The Google emerged in 1998 and since then it has been doing wonders. Google was born when the campus officials of its parent company complained about certain issues and wished for a real office that takes care of the bandwidth. Hence Google came in.

Google has been providing free webmail services since then. Instant search, dominant features, read and unread mail segregated, spam and draft box, all these features define Google Gmail. The online privacy is well maintained on Google. When Google was invented, it was one of the biggest moments for Internet. The old name of Gmail was Caribou. The most highlighting feature of Google is its fast searching facility.

The feedbacks that were received on the name of the Google were very positive and this extraordinary search engine received all sorts of appreciation. Today there are hardly some people who are not the users of Google. The best part about Gmail is that it stores all your mails and you need not worry about the storage issue. It will keep all your messages and important mails safe and you can also save your unsent messages as draft which you can re edit and send it later on when you make up your mind. Google could retrieve any piece of data on the World Wide Web.

Google has got some extravagant features. All the priorities were to make the search engine the best one out of all which actually made Google different from the other search engines. It is customer friendly and that’s all we want. Google has made us believe that if someone is inspired by a great purpose, he can create incredible stories and everything is possible. Google is great!