Green Geeks Review 

With the span of a decade in this web hosting service, they have been excellent with service and the quality. GreenGeeks was founded in the year 2008 by Trey Gardner. The team has always stood by ups and downs. Now that they have established, the improvisation is made in all the segments and has evolved to be a competitive, stable and healthy company. They also have a portal called “hostscore”, wherein you can check Greengeek’s latest performance at this page.

All you need to know about GreenGeeks

The headquarter is situated in North America and has served 30,000 happy customers. They have also supported more than 3,00,000 websites. The main factor that they concentrate is the hosting. Hosting has its own importance in digital marketing. Stay with us to know why you need to choose GreenGeeks. 

GreenGeeks Hosting Review: Good For The Planet. But Is It Right ...

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Features Of GreenGeeks

With respect to features, GreenGeeks provides an all in one solution.  There are some of the key features of GreenGeeks that you should know. 

Server Speed: 

Server Speed is supposed to be one of the essential things that affect page speed. The test server is located in Europe. Irrespective of the location, it performs really well. According to the survey, most likely there is considerable amount of TTFB from Singapore to the fact that they don’t have data servers in that location. 

Speed Test: 

The web page speed tests are being made often from different countries so that you will get a clear picture of how it works on circumstances. The tests actually passed the threshold when they carried it out among the countries like the Germany, Singapore, and Virginia. 

Server Locations: 

Once you choose the hosting account, you will always be given access to choose where your website is to be hosted. GreenGeeks has made a provision of owning data centres at Amsterdam, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, and Phoenix. The best thing about hosting is that you will apparently start enjoying the benefits such as eco-friendly technology, security, speed, and scaling. 


Non-technical users need not have to worry as there is no rocket science to explore. All you need to do is pay a fee to buy a hosting and also to buy a domain. You will also get migration and domain registration for free.

Security Features:

Each and every account entitled to GreenGeeks will be secured as the company ensures that the accounts is safe with malware scanning. There is no doubt that each and every moment there will be threat from the malwares but then, the company makes sure that the account is safe. 

Customer Support: 

The company has in house team to make sure that issues are resolved within a certain period of time. They follow DIV assistance at the start and if you still don’t understand how to find the solution, you can always get connected to them through mails and chat support. The basic video tutorial on YouTube can also be a saviour at times. 

Cancellation and Return Policy: 

30 days money back guarantee is assured if in case you don’t like their service. But then, there are a very few individuals who has asked for a refund. It totally depends upon each and everyone’s perspective. You can as well read the customer reviews and then go ahead with purchasing the plans. 


The pricing depends totally on the plans that you choose. The plans are Ecosite Premium, Ecosite Pro, Ecosite Starter. Ecosite Started plan is actually recommended as it is cost effective and totally worth it. 

GreenGeeks also provides a website building along with the hosting. It is nothing to do with programming, but it is quite easy as it follows drag and drop principal. Sitepad, the website builder tool also has predesigned templates. All you need to do is follow and instructions as you can design and develop a website according to your will and wish. 


Hosting, is the only factor that matters during your website’s breakdown. Make sure you pick and choose the right one. Since GreenGeeks is supposed to be the pioneers in this department, why don’t you just make a purchase. The quality and service are maintained at the threshold and it has already passed a decade for now. Stability and reliability cannot be questioned at all. Hope we have included all the points with regards to GreenGeeks. Thanks for reading!