These two technologies always make headlines. Their competition is interesting and both of them have their own sets of benefits and disadvantages. They are none other than Apple’s IOS and Android. When you are buying a smartphone, either you buy Google’s android or Apple’s IOS, both of them have the best operating systems. They have got some similarities but huge differences too. You should always consider both the sides before buying the best smartphone for yourself.

Android has always been a winner when it comes to affordability. Apple has always been at the high end of the market in terms of pricing. The price of each apple IPhone is too high when compared with the android phones. It’s not that there are no android phones whose price levels do not match with the apple’s price structure. Android phones like Google Pixel 4 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note almost match with the price structure of apple.

Now discussing about the apps. Android has around 2.7 million apps while Apple has got around 2.2 million apps. The most popular apps used by maximum number of population are apparently available on both the phones. IOS has been always lucrative so there is a tendency for the new apps to appear first on IOS. Also the best mobile games appear first on IOS and the quality of apps is way better than android apps so here IOS is the winner.

Talking about the customizability. This is considered to be the greatest strengths of android. In case of android phones, it is very easy to customize and add shortcuts to various widgets. Also you can always change your entire user interface with the launchers. There is limited support for widgets in IOS and also there is no same level of freedom in IOS. When you target customizability in your phone, go for Android.

Now when you go for other features like messaging, texting, calls and camera features, apple stands apart from android. Apple gives you the best performance in regard with these features. Android smartphones also give you an excellent performance. In the end its your choice to choose the best phone for you.