With the advent of new technologies, the manual work has always reduced and the results have been always great. AI is a very topic which is in the minds of many people and they try to get to the roots of the subject in order to understand what and how it can benefit the humans and reduce the manual labour. In order to improve data security, accuracy and decision making speed, Artificial Intelligence has been invented.

The invention of AI has helped to impact many other technologies and provide wireless at the speed. If the industries tend to adapt to best solutions, then they can reach great heights and also be very profitable. It has helped in finding the difficult to find products and has also helped in local production of these products.it has also helped in increasing the opportunities for the market. Drones is the next big thing in the world.

AI technology have been able to use the resources very efficiently. Since the AI has arrived, cost has reduced instantly because of the increased competition. When you compare AI with machine learning, it gives you knowledge about how both have impacted our lives and especially the ones who take up the subject as their career.

These two are the next two big things in the field of technology.  They are part of the computer science which are absolutely correlated which can create extremely intelligent systems. AI is considered to be the biggest concept in order to create the most intelligent machines whereas the machine learning is the application to use the machines and allow their programming.

The goals of both these terminologies are different. The goal of AI is to create a smart computer system so that the humans can use it to solve the problems and create wonders. While the goal of machine learning is to learn from data so that we can deal with the most exact and accurate results.