Forex trading which is popularly known as foreign exchange or FX trading is a globally decentralized which is for trading currencies. In simple terms forex trading is nothing but the process of buying and selling currencies. Forex trading has a lot of scope in the market and is currently the world’s largest market where the daily average turnover in this field is around $5 Trillion which has many people involved in it. Forex trading is one of the top trading types that you can choose. Every field has its own advantages and disadvantages so do this field has. First, lets discuss about the advantages or the benefits of forex trading.

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Benefits of forex trading in india

Largest Market

One of the most important benefit that you must be aware is that forex trading has the largest financial market all across the globe. With so many people participating in this field the daily turnover is said to be around $4 to $5 all over which is most accessible trading market.

For Everyone

Another amazing benefit that every person who are willing to enter in forex trading is that this market is for everyone that is it is not only for big Richie’s. Yes, here you don’t have to have start the investment with high amount the way it is needed in equities, all you have to do is open a trading account and can start with small amount.

Nobody Owns the Market

Another amazing benefit that you must know is this market is owned by no one, nor even a single trader or a company or a big shot. The best part about this market is that there are no middlemen instead you directly trade with the participant in the other country. This market is only influenced by the economy itself.

No Commission

One of the biggest advantages of forex trading in india or be it anywhere there is no commission cost on most of the accounts. There are normally no clearing fees or exchange fees be it for low volume trading account or a large volume trading account. The brokers mostly earn commissions by the Spread.

These are some of the most beneficial point of forex trading in india and other countries too. before you start anything, you must know on what are the benefits that you can enjoy while you are working for it and later have no benefits.

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