Most of you are here because you want to make money by blogging. Some of you want to do it as a hobby or to show the world what you think. But let me tell you blogging is not that easy. If you don’t have patience then leave blogging and if you have then you are in the right place.

Below are my following tips and guide on blogging which I use and can help you as well. But before starting thanks for reading this blog. I really appreciate your time. I’m sure you’re getting what you want. If you like my blog then you can share it with your friends on social media also.

Best Blogging Tips For All

Understand Your Readers

Ask yourself why are you writing it? why people should read your blog? will they get what they want? understand who will read it, doctor engineer or any other person? why they will read it? if you understand it then I am sure that you will get organic traffic and also the reader will come to your site again and again.

Understand your topic, what is it? why it is? so that if the user asks you then you will be able to give the answer properly.

Write In-Depth Content

You have to know that content is the king when it comes to ranking factors. It is so important that an SEO expert also suggests writing good and lengthy content so that the Google algorithm will rank your website page on top of the search.

The length of your content should be more than 1000 words it will be good. Remember, don’t copy from others’ posts or blogs and if you do then your site will be blacklisted on the google server.

Social Media And SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process in which your webpage is ranked on the first page and top of the google search.

In the blogging world, this is so important if you really don’t know about it I am posting an article on SEO in the future so enter your email address and enter subscribe button so that you will get updates on my posts. Subscribe form is in the right column.

And about social media, make Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many social network page and be active on them it will help you in SEO.

We hope this would be of help to you and thanks for reading our blog