Running a business is no where an easy task. Being the boss or in a head position, you will have a lot on your plate and so it is important for you to make things easier by reducing the work load and that is possible with right communication mainly, Listed below are some of the best business apps that are worth considering. Take a look;


Skype is a video call app which includes text chat and making phone calls. It is a Microsoft application, can be installed on both, laptop and smartphone. By using this app, you can cut down much of your expenses as you can now virtually stay in touch with your clients and colleagues. The app is absolutely free of cost, you will just have to sign in to stay in touch. So, no more missing out on clients and losing out on business projects when travelling, thanks to skype. You can stay in touch with your friends and family staying far from you.

Google calendar

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Having a hectic schedule can making things worse for you such as you might miss out on an important meeting for a client that you have been chasing from a long time. With Google Calendar you will no more make such mistakes nor you will ever miss out on submitting projects before the deadlines. Google calendar will help you eliminate these problems as you can set up reminders for the important events like client phone calls, video calls or meetings. It will also connect your Gmail account to send you automated alerts. Besides work related tasks, you can also add personal events like concert booking and flight reservations. You can take a complete glimpse of your schedule.

Ever note

Gone are days when pen and papers were the only source for making business minutes. You can now consider Evernote as your digital pen and paper. You can organize if your notes into different set of virtual notebooks using ever note. The app is extremely user-friendly where you can jot down points, keep a track of important points mentioned at the client phone calls and write drafts. Switch to premium mode to get offline access, make more storage space and a password protection to give your data confidential.


Communication can either work for you or ruin your business entirely if not done right. For all those having a remote team, you will be struggling to complete your project before the deadline. With slack installed, you can build a specific message thread for each of your project and for the department as well to make the collaboration easier and better. Get immediate feedback by uploading files and here, finding the previous messages earlier is a lot more easy. Also, Slack integrates with popular applications such as Google Drive, Zendesk and Dropbox.

And here the list of some of the best apps for business comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you. Do share your views about the same.

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