China is definitely getting very closer to their goal of becoming the technological superpower. They have been aiming for a digital revolution which would happen very soon as per the reports. The leading player in China’s plan is artificial intelligence. The development of AI has stood on par with the development of AI in USA. The country has been aiming to reach a level of excellence.

China’s technology sector has grown rapidly in last two decades. Advancements in various companies are helping the Chinese economy to grow at an unprecedented rate and also it has been influencing the global economy. Also in case of 5G technology, USA and China are competing but it seems like the Chinese technology has been winning.

China has started dominating areas which range from telecommunications to artificial intelligence and also to E-commerce. China has its own entrepreneurial culture which has impacted their capital investments in a very positive manner. They are innovating very fast and are moving very swiftly. The Chinese entrepreneurs are very ambitious and they are unstoppable.

Social commerce which is all about online shopping and games has also reached to great heights in china. Some of the greatest e-commerce players are in China and they have developed new and innovative and successful business models.

China has top down government directives which are playing a major role in pushing the country a whole lot forward and making them the best in the technology sector. USA is still the world’s leader but China is rising up very fast.