YouTube is not just a video uploading and watching platform. It is more than that. It is something while people need to learn, teach, guide and share their knowledge and experiences with the world. Initially this platform was used to watch videos and no one could think of making money through YouTube. But it has grown so much and people are also becoming advanced to find multiple money making ways. There are many people who do not like their job whether it’s private or government, they do not find any passion in it and therefore, they quit their jobs and start YouTube channels. There are many women who have so many responsibilities but to fulfill their dreams they join this platform to do something and manage home simultaneously. So if you are in that list and do not know how to start then stick to this article where we are going to discuss how start YouTube channel.

To start a YouTube channel, first you need to decide the niche. Niche is a category which shows the type of channel you own. Fashion, health, beauty, technology, cooking, business, marketing, relationships, etc are some of the niches which are the best options in 2020 for YouTube channels. You need to decide the niche on the basis of your interest and what people want to watch. You need to match both the criteria to fulfill the motive. Next important thing is to decide the channel name. After deciding the niche, the channel should be matched with the niche so that people can relate. Your channel name matters a lot. It should be unique, easy to find and meaningful. People will know by the name of your channel, so you need to choose it wisely. 

For how start YouTube channel, the next thing you need is proper equipment. Many people use DSLR cameras to shoot high definition videos. But nothing to worry about if you do not have one. You can start with a good camera smartphone as well. Apart from that, you need one stand to fix the camera so that video does not shake and can be captured in a good way. First, start with the simple editing software to edit the video before uploading, once you are comfortable with those software, step up to the high level good editing software using which you can put many things like animation in your videos to make it more worth watching. This is how start YouTube channel.