Viruses are very tiny pathogens which are basically made up of genetic material like RNA or DNA which is coated by the proteins. These viruses enter the human body and invade the healthy cells and make them infected. After that they use the components of the infected cells to multiply in the host. The diseases caused by viruses are known as viral diseases and there is a long human viral diseases list. But it does not mean that all viruses cause diseases, many times viruses do not transfer from one person to another. However, there are many diseases which are contagious like HIV, flu, herpes, etc. now let us check out human viral diseases list.

Respiratory viral diseases:

These diseases are contagious. In these diseases, either the lower or upper part of the respiratory tract is affected badly, it is advised that the infected person should not share things with the healthy person to prevent the infection. The main respiratory viral diseases symptoms are: runny or blocked nose, sneezing or coughing, fever, body aches, etc. 

Gastrointestinal viral diseases:

In these diseases the stomach and intestines are affected and these are contagious in nature. Virus causes gastroenteritis which means stomach flu, once entered into the body. The common symptoms of this category or viral diseases are diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting, etc. 

Exanthematous viral diseases:

Next disease on the human viral diseases list is exanthematous viral diseases in which rashes appear on the skin. Many viruses of this category are highly contagious and the main exanthematous viral diseases are chicken pox, measles, rubella,  smallpox, chikungunya, etc. According to the diseases, symptoms are varied person to person.

Hepatic viral diseases:

These diseases cause inflammation in the liver and the condition is known as viral hepatitis. There are many forms of hepatitis like hepatitis A, B C, D and E. However, there are other viral diseases also which affect the liver.

Cutaneous viral diseases:

Cutaneous viral diseases cause lesions and pimple like swelling on the skin. Many cases have been seen that sometimes these lesions stick around on the skin for a longer time and sometimes they disappear and reappear after sometime. Some examples are warts which include genital warts also, oral herpes, genital herpes, etc. 

Hemorrhagic viral diseases:

These diseases cause the circulatory system damage. The main symptoms are high fever, weakness, body aches, bleeding happens either in mouth, under skin or internal organ bleeding. Some examples of these diseases are Ebola, dengue fever, yellow fever, lassa fever, etc.

So this is the human viral diseases list which you should know about.