Ps4 or Xbox 1 which will you choose? Both of the gaming camps have their respective amount of admirers and players. It is always hard to choose between two of them. There are certain differences between two of them which will let you choose the best and better one for you. There is no doubt that Ps4 has taken the lead but both the teams have their own pros and cons which you should know well in order to make your selection.

These are some powerful machines whose price and value matter a lot before you buy them. Sony currently has two separate versions of Ps4 which is even capable of HDR playback and also which is 4k capable and the most expensive of all. On the other hand, Xbox is ultra-powerful and not only capable of 4k quality but also can run 60 frames per second too.

The prices of both the game legends seem to change every week and the price drops and various deals keep on coming. It is hard to keep up the prices and latest pricing also keeps on changing. The Xbox 1 is the newest and the most powerful one. Ps4 Pro is three years old now and is easier to pick up at a reduced price.

When you consider the hardware and design of both the teams, Xbox 1 S has a very improved design and a gigantic power brick which makes use of the internal power supply. While the Ps4 Slim is the smallest of the major consoles which are available right now. It is a complete replacement for the original PlayStation 4. It won’t give you 4k resolutions and has an impressive PS4 library.

When you compare them on a high end, Xbox 1 has an impressive smart home integration. It supports Alexa too. Using echo smart home speakers is a very practical choice to give a battleground effect.