Now technology has upgraded the teaching ways and classrooms also. Classrooms have become smart now with projectors, digital learning, new methods of teaching etc. which make the learning effective and smart. With the help of these next generation gadgets and technologies, teachers are also boosting their performance, productivity and capabilities. It helps in finding new ways of teaching and innovative ideas to keep yourself updated and teach students in an effective manner. Let us check out some must have teacher gadgets.

  1. iPad Air:

It is on the top position in our list which is a top choice for teachers as well. This product provides mobility, tools and flexibility for improved teaching experiences. Teachers can easily plan their lectures, lessons, notes, schedules, and many apps at a single place on a single device which is very handy and user friendly as well. On the Apple app store teachers can find many more useful apps to upgrade their teaching skills. This is the best apple gadget a teacher can have for multiple benefits.

  1. Document Camera:

While teaching in the classroom, a teacher has to show some documents, pictures, drawings etc which he or she has in physical form to show. So to show a digital document to the whole class, this gadget is very helpful. As we know when students see any picture or video, they can memorize it for a longer time, so this method is very helpful with the help of a document camera. It has a wide angle view which helps in capturing the view of the document completely from every angle. This is one of the must have teacher gadgets for improved teaching skills. It gives benefits to both the teachers and students.

  1. Mini wireless keyboard:

Though touch screen devices have an onscreen touch keyboard but some people are comfortable with the physical keyboard to carry it anywhere, this gives mobility and flexibility. You can sit anywhere in the classroom or outside, still you will have the control over the device. This mini wireless keyboard is equipped with short keys at the side which makes it more useful to perform important functions quickly.

  1. Einstein clock:

It is like a gem of all the teacher gadgets. When the class is about to get over, students cannot resist themselves to watch the clock and the Einstein clock makes it more interesting as it makes the students stop some calculation before knowing the exact time. This product is quite expensive but super cool.

So these are some super cool teacher gadgets which are very beneficial to try.