One of the most important things to check before choosing a web host is its reliability. An unreliable web host is like a mad dog, which only causes damages. As there are quite a lot of choices available, it becomes quite hard for us to choose which is the web host.

Well, iPage is said to be one of the best web hosts out there and has also been providing reliable service for more than a decade. Well, their plans are quite cheap and come with a lot of freebie ad premium benefits. Well, in case you don’t believe us, why don’t you check the pros and cons of this web host provider?

Pros and Cons of iPage:

It’s not big news that every web host out there does have some lacking in services. Well, which company doesn’t? Just name a company and then Google them. You will find tons of lacking’s in the services provided by the company. iPage too has some minor disadvantages but compared to the other web hosts, they are very low.


Cheap Web Hosting:

After comparing it with other web hosts, it was found that the hosting plans that are provided by iPage are very cheap, and not just that, along with the cheap prices they also provide some premium features. iPage promotional rates are only repeated for the first period of service and immediately at the standard rate. Shared hosting plans extend for 36, 24, and a 12-month period at $7.99, $8.99, and $9.99 a month.

Money-back Guarantee:

Page even provides its users will a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, what it means is that if you are dissatisfied with their services, then you can just opt-out of it. But that would only be possible on or before 30 days after purchasing their services. But you should also remember that the refund is not available on the add-on services.


No Free Migration:

Free migration is not available with iPage. So if you want to migrate it, then you have to do it manually. It’s really hectic to do that as you have to go through quite a lot of procedures to complete it. But if you are using Deck, then there won’t be many issues as iPage also uses this.

Well, these are some of the pros and cons of iPage. Well, as you can see, there are very fewer disadvantages of iPage and along with that, these are just minor disadvantages. Hopefully, the provided information has been of help to you.