Because of high demand for online business. People are finding many options to start a small online business where the investment is very low. You do not have to take tension about the logistics. After doing all the formalities like choosing the type of business you want to do, registration of the business, building up your brand, etc you do not have to take a headache about the inventory or the storage.  There are many such ideas out of which you can pick one small online business idea for you. Let us discuss some ideas for you.

  1. Design and sell the T-shirts:

There are many products along with T-shirts like hats, caps, phone covers, scarfs, etc where you can show your creativity and sell it out on the online platform. You can purchase some stuff and then design them with your creativity. After that fix a price of the product as per your skills and list the product on the online platform so that people can see this and place orders. This business does not need so much investment.

  1. Launch your own book:

If you love writing, there are many options to write a book like comic book, novel, cook book, fashion book, etc. You can choose the niche of your own interest. After finishing writing, publish it on your own. There are many online platforms where you write, publish and distribute your book digitally as well physically. One of the famous platforms is Blurb. This allows you to do everything to sell a book online. If the order is placed in bulk, the price will be little less.

  1. Selling a service:

One best small online business idea is that if you are good at something then you can provide service on the online platform to make some money and to benefit others with your skills. There are many options like writing, photography, designer, developer, cooking, fitness trainers, etc If you are good at any of these you can provide these services to the customers through online channels and it does not need large capital as well.

  1. Start online channel:

If you are a woman with kids and family and cannot go outside to work, then an online channel can make you independent. If you are good at cooking, beauty, fashion, technology, etc then you can start your own online channel on YouTube. Once you get the required number of followers you can start making money being at home.

So these are low investment ideas out of which one small online business idea can be helpful to you in establishing an online business of yours.