The only constant is changes and the same applies to your work life as well. Now-a-days, Upskilling yourself has become a necessity, the reason is pretty much simple, the technology is evolving at a faster pace. In this article, I have listed the top 4 trending technologies that are expected to boom in the market in the upcoming years.

So, the countdown begins from here.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Earlier a buzzword, is now one of the most common one. It has become a fully-fledged technology eco-system in itself. Most importantly, IoT is connecting various devices and is successfully building a virtual network where everything works flawlessly through a single monitor center of sorts. Overall, IoT is a wide network of connected devices which gathers all together and share the data about their usage and the environment in which they are being operated. It including everything, from your mobile phone to washing machines, refrigerators. With the right usage of IoT, we can help build smarter cities with fully optimized traffic system, energy use and efficient management of wastes.

Angular and React

Comparison between Angular vs. ReactJS - Elvento Labs

Angular and React are for developing modern web applications with JavaScript based frameworks. To create highly modular web app, Angular and React are the best one to rely upon as you do not have to go through a lot of process for making changes as and when required in the future. Also, it permits you to create native mobile applications with the same JavaScript, HTML and CSS knowledge. The open source library with remarkable active community support makes it stand out with its competitors.

Cognitive Cloud Computing

An extended ecosystem of the traditional cloud and cognitive computing, Cognitive cloud is best to create cognitive computing apps and through cloud deployment, bring it to the masses. It is considered as one of the biggest evolutions in the IT industry. It has the potential to converse human language and help the experts to make better decisions by considering the complexities of the Big Data.


Powering bitcoins, BlockChain is a new parallel currency that has taken over the world by storm. Blockchain has across-the-board potential in everything, from elections to real elections to enforcement of law to healthcare conditions.

And with this, we come to the end of Top 3 Technology Updates. Hope, this has been informative to you.

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