Corona virus is now a pandemic disease and due to the world economy has already been affected where it has already shaved one third of the economy. The investors are now shaken and are completely blank on what measure are to be taken. The effect of COVID-19 is not only left the equity and debt market but also has left a huge effect on other assets and commodity markets too. This news has shaken the effect of corona virus, so lets first find out reasons behind the hit on stock market.

Why People Lose Money in the Market

Top reasons behind the turmoil of stock market

COVID is now a pandemic disease

COVID-19 is now considered as a pandemic disease and there are numerous cases that are active all across the world. Due to many restrictions that are imposed to stay safe, there are many effects of the same on usual economic activities like travelling, consumption and many other such activities due to which there many fluctuations happening.

Crude Oil

Another biggest reason that has affected most of the investors is the crude oil where the production of crude oil is high when the demand is low is not a great option. The prices of crude oil have directly decreased are down by previous 10 years. Although this stock market news India is a blessing as India is an importing country and you can receive at a low price.

Short term debt funds

Everything and anything in this world are affected by this pandemic deadly virus. Another safe asset that is government securities are also uniting. The government yield bond that is planned in India for 10 years is also likely to come low for 10 years. It is quite important to get out this pandemic and fight back.

These are some of the top reasons behind the turmoil of stock market. There are many stock market news India and all over the world. Corona virus have crashed stock market and it is quite important to fight back of this pandemic disease. There are many other reasons due to which there is huge effect on the stock market but these three are top reasons. We hope you have liked this article and got all the info you have been searching for, feel free to contact us for any further doubts and quires you have. Keep visiting to not miss out on the latest articles.

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