Software testing is the process to evaluate the functions of a software application for finding whether the developed software can meet the specified requirements. Below are the uses of software testing in information technology. You can use a variety of testing techniques to ensure that modifications to your code are operating as planned.

However, not all testing is created equal, and we’ll look at how the various testing methods differ here. We need to distinguish between human and automated tests at a high level. Manual testing is done in person, with proper tooling, by browsing through the application or interacting with the product and APIs. This is quite expensive because it necessitates someone to set up an environment and run the tests themselves, and it can be prone to human error because the tester may make mistakes or leave stages in the test script out.


Every design has its own defect where it is not ruled out for any complex system. It is not because of the developers who are careless while creating, but the complexity of a system is intractable.

Customer Satisfaction

In any business field, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for achieving it. So, software testing can improve the user experience of an application and will gives satisfaction to the customers. These tests are non-functional and can take many different forms in order to determine the platform’s dependability, stability, and availability. For example, it may be monitoring response times when processing a large number of requests or analyzing how the system responds to a large amount of data.


This is one of the most sensitive and risky parts of software testing.  So, testing helps in product security where hackers can gain unauthorized access to data where they can steal the information and use it for their benefit. End-to-end testing simulates a user’s interaction with the software in a fully functional context. It ensures that various user flows function as expected, which might be as simple as loading a web page or checking in, or as complicated as email notifications, online payments, and so on.

Product Quality

Software Testing can help in strengthening the market reputation of a company by delivering the quality product to the client which is mentioned in the requirement specification documents.

Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the uses of software testing is significant in information technology. Thanks for reading!