YouTube is a growing platform for video makers. Over 5 billion videos are watched on a daily basis on YouTube so you can imagine how many videos are uploaded daily in this amazing platform. This is the best web application where people can showcase their talent and earn money being at home. It is a common fact that a ten minutes video gives more content than a ten minutes reading and you will feel more involved in the video as well. This is the reason now people are more into video making and earn money online. Let us know how to generate YouTube channel income.

  1. Make money from Ads:

You need to be a YouTube partner to make money from Ads. This you can do by the creator studio section in your YouTube account and click on the channel menu to verify the account. Then you need to enable monetization. After becoming a partner, you need to have an Adsense account to join the Google advertising network and get paid. This is the best way to earn revenue on YouTube.

  1. By selling products or merchandising:

Online selling is in trend now. So if you are interested in online selling then you need to purchase some t-shirts at a reasonable rate to save the cost. Then you can create your own brand and list the product on the e-commerce website. You need to do some creativity on the t-shirts and do the branding and marketing on YouTube channel to get the orders. There are many products like coffee mugs, tote bags, caps, etc which you can sell online.

  1. Crowdfunding:

When there is a shortage of money between an idea and its execution, then crowdfunding is the best way, you can all up your crowd and ask them to set a price for the product on the basis of this authenticity, durability, quality, etc. This is helpful in generating a YouTube channel income and also helpful in product branding, promotions, production costs, better equipment, etc.

  1. Work with brand as an influencer:

If you are already a famous YouTuber among your customers then you can be in demand by the people to promote their brands. These brands always look for some influencers which can leave a good impression on the people and inspire them in a way to benefit the brand name. If you work as an influencer, you can generate good income.

So these are some strategies which can help you in generating YouTube channel income.